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Home is Where the Heart is!

And the TCU Chi Omega House held the hearts of 32 sophomore members this past school year. 

During their time living in-house, this group fostered friendships both old and new, laughed A LOT, and created memories that will last a lifetime. Ranging from "The Bachelor" watch parties, to late night chats, the Chi O’s soaked in every special moment. 

When reflecting on her time in the house, Megan Yates said,  “I’ve loved my time in the Chi O House! Getting to know more girls in my PC and enjoying all the moments — from celebrating birthdays to watching our favorite shows together — are some of my favorite memories from this year!”

This group grew closer than ever as residents of the "Chouse". When asked, many explained that they were most grateful for the opportunity to live right next door to their best friends while also having the opportunity to form closer bonds with other sisters.

“I have gotten to know so many amazing girls just while brushing my teeth next to them! It's so sweet being able to run into the girls in the house at random moments and form new friendships”, said sophomore Cc McCullough.  

Living in the Chi Omega House is truly the opportunity of a lifetime. We can't wait for the next group to call the "Chouse" their home.

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