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Meet Our 2023 Officers  

Molly Myers

Hometown: Nashville, TN

Major: Movement Science

Favorite Chi O Memory: Living in the Chi O house!

Describe Yourself: Most likely to be found on the slip-n-slide!

Best Piece of Advice: Be spontaneous and don’t be afraid to laugh at yourself

Claire Chipinda
Vice President

Hometown: Bartlesville, Oklahoma

Major: Biology


Favorite Chi O Memory: Bid Day 2020! Coming home to Chi Omega will always be one of my sweetest and most cherished memories!

Describe Yourself: The girl who will find an excuse to wear a headband anywhere she goes


Best Piece of Advice: “Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier.” —Mother Teresa.

Mali Krone

Hometown: Dallas, TX


Major: Finance


Favorite Chi O Memory: Getting to go to Chi O formal for the first time since COVID my sophomore year!

Describe Yourself: Most likely to bust down on the dance floor!

Best Piece of Advice: You are so much more than your grades, material items, or what you are involved in. You are so loved because you are you!

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Hayley Singleton

Hometown: Springfield, MO

Major: Finance and Entrepreneurship

Favorite Chi O Memory: My favorite Chi O Memory thus far would have to be cheering on the frogs during the 2022-2023 football season. I was overwhelmed with joy getting to watch the frogs win the Fiesta Bowl with my best friends in Chi O, and all of our families, by my side!!!

Describe Yourself: Most likely to talk football with the Dads during Dad’s Weekend (go frogs & chiefs!!!)

Best Piece of Advice: People may not remember what you accomplished over your lifetime, but they will remember how you made them feel. Treat everyone with kindness and Choose Joy!

Julianna Gardner
New Member Educator

Hometown: Little Rock, Arkansas


Major: Accounting


Favorite Chi O Memory: Living in the house sophomore year and getting to grow closer to more girls in my PC!

Describe Yourself: Most likely to be Tik Tok famous


Best Piece of Advice: Make friends with everyone you meet!

Anna Claire Siratt
Chapter Personnel Officer

Hometown: Fort Worth, TX

Major: Nursing


Favorite Chi O Memory: One of my favorite Chi O memories was during snow week of my Sophomore year. I was living in the house at the time and we all took advantage of no classes. We had charcuterie nights, watched movies, played Just Dance, and would all brave the snow together. It was great!

Describe Yourself: “kind, compassionate, caregiver, foodie, faithful, and clever” -my twin brother… unexpected but I’ll take it!


Best Piece of Advice: It’s all about balance! Study ahead so you can have fun on the weekend, say yes to random experiences, and have intentional time with people! Specifically to the Freshmen/transfers, ask to be included: no one is purposefully leaving you out, no one has their true friends yet, so just ask to tag along!

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Ainsley Ingebrigtsen
Recruitment Chair

Hometown: The Woodlands, Texas


Major: Nursing


Favorite Chi O Memory: Going on spring break freshman year only knowing a few people, but leaving with 9 amazing roommates and best friends! Now every day I come home to a house full of girls where it's never boring!

Describe Yourself: Most likely to never leave Texas 🤠


Best Piece of Advice: Step out of your comfort zone, and never hold back! I've noticed some of my biggest blessings and life lessons have come from doing things I was scared of.

Izzy Gunderson
Director of Programming

Hometown: Dakota Dunes, SD | Rosemary Beach, FL

Major: Marketing


Favorite Chi O Memory: Living in the Chi O House with all of my best friends! Always having someone to hang out with, study with, etc! Such a house is full of constant love 💖

Describe Yourself: Most likely to be a beach bum 🌊 Spontaneous and adventurous!


Best Piece of Advice: “You can choose to feel pressure or apply pressure” or “Do life with people”

Chloe Sowden
Social Chair

Hometown: Prairie Village, Kansas City

Major: Strategic Communication


Favorite Chi O Memory: Chi O Crush my sophomore year!

Describe Yourself: Most likely to always have a side hustle! @chlocreated


Best Piece of Advice: Invest in people who invest in you!

Jessica Heist
Panhellenic Delegate

Hometown: Memphis, Tennessee

Major: Early Childhood Education


Favorite Chi O Memory: Living in the Chi O house with 33 of my best friends!! It truly is more than just a house, it's my home :)

Describe Yourself: Most likely to eat a whole bag of Costco chocolate chips in one sitting!

Best Piece of Advice: Life is too short to be taken too seriously.

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2023 Cardinal Cabinet

Cardinal Cabinet 2023 List (Rho Gammas Final).png

Campus Activities


Sara Neal Secrest, Campus Activities


Major: Neuroscience 

Minor: Spanish & Psychology 


Sarah Pate, Senior Week


Major: Accounting 


Nicole Steely, Senior Week


Major: Child Development


Brooke Wong, ADPR


Major: Graphic Design


Olivia Ernst, Greek Relations


Major: Business


Kiki Honrubia, Greek Relations


Major: Speech Pathology 


Rosemary Newsome, Intramurals 


Major: Pre-Major


Hannah Stein, Homecoming


Major: Early Childhood Education


Sara Babineaux, Homecoming


Major: Political Science & Philosophy 

Minor: Business



Career and Personal Development


Emily Knuth, C & P Development 


Major: Accounting & Finance 


Emily Gillespie, Assistant GNV


Major: Finance

Minor: Spanish


Kamryn Schropp, Assistant Panhellenic


Major: Business


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