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Meet Our 2022 Officers  

Laura Lane Heathcott

Hometown: Memphis, Tennessee

Major: Political Science

Favorite Chi O Memory: Living in the Chi O house during my sophomore year was so special! Although we didn’t have lots of in-person events, I got to spend quality time cooking, watching movies, and many other things while getting to know so many girls in my PC in a whole different and meaningful way!

Superlative: Most likely to be the Mayor of Memphis

Best Piece of Advice: People don’t remember friend groups, they remember friendships. Spend your life loving others and you’ll always have fruitful and wonderful relationships to count on in life!

Lorna Green
Vice President

Hometown: Kansas City, Missouri

Major: Accounting


Favorite Chi O Memory: Chi O Christmas! Dressing up in Christmas attire, taking pictures with Santa claus, new exec, and my friends was such a fun time! Great way to kick off the holiday season!


Superlative: Most likely to run Wall Street despite knowing nothing about finance


Best Piece of Advice: Put yourself out there! There are so many funny and kind people in the world to build amazing relationships with. I can personally say, I’ve made great friends with people I would otherwise never speak to, but because I put myself out there, I’ve made some of my best friends!

Ella Meyer

Hometown: Edmond, Oklahoma


Major: Biology


Favorite Chi O Memory: Victory formal this year!!! It was so much fun to take pictures on the football field and dance all night with my best friends!!!


Superlative: Most Likely to Narrate Audiobooks

Best Piece of Advice: Embrace exactly who you are and where you’re at. Remember that you once dreamt of being where you are now!!!

Morgan Gallagher

Hometown: Fort Worth, Texas

Major: Marketing

Favorite Chi O Memory: Crush my freshman year!! It was the best getting to hang out with the whole chapter!

Superlative: High School Hero


Best Piece of Advice: Choose joy always!

Ellie Hurley
New Member Educator

Hometown: New Orleans, Louisiana


Major: Early Childhood Education


Favorite Chi O Memory: Work week! Work week is such a fun experience and allows you to grow relationships with every PC.

Superlative: Most Likely to Flirt Using a Dad Joke


Best Piece of Advice: In order to get, you have to give.

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Claire Zempel
Chapter Personnel Officer

Hometown: Nashville, Tennessee

Major: Nursing


Favorite Chi O Memory: Living in the Chi O house will forever hold my favorite memories from college!!! At the end of the year, we all got a party bus and acted like we were a big bachelorette party (and I was the bride). We did fake speeches at dinner and everyone was convinced I was actually getting married. We all had so much fun we joke I don't even need to have a real wedding anymore!! Best night ever.


Superlative: Most Likely to Talk Your Ear Off


Best Piece of Advice: There are good friends and then there are good people. When you find someone who is both, hold them close!

Cate Locke
Recruitment Chair

Hometown: Chicago, Illinois


Major: Psychology


Favorite Chi O Memory: Any memory with my Chi O family!!! I met my big when I was going through recruitment and she is a big reason why I chose Chi O! Then being able to meet my now littles while they were going through recruitment was so so special. My big and twin littles are three of my best friends and they have brought an insurmountable amount of joy to my life <3. I'm so grateful for them!

Superlative: Most Likely to Solve World Hunger Cooking Out of My Dorm


Best Piece of Advice: Let your intuition be a guiding force. You are right where you need to be, so just trust the process and see every roadblock as an opportunity to learn & become an even better version of yourself!

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Olivia Keller
Director of Programming

Hometown: Katy, Texas


Major: Marketing


Favorite Chi O Memory: Big/Little reveal my Freshman year! I have never felt so loved and celebrated!

Superlative: Most Likely to be a News Anchor


Best Piece of Advice: Live your life knowing that everything happens for a reason. Every single day you face and person you pass is purposeful!

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Emily Parrish
Social Chair

Hometown: Dallas, Texas


Major: Strategic Communication


Favorite Chi O Memory: Mom’s weekend freshman year!

Superlative: Most Likely to be Anna Wintour’s Successor


Best Piece of Advice: Be intentional! Put your whole heart into everything you do and pour it into everyone you encounter.

Paige Sowitch
Panhellenic Delegate

Hometown: Denver, Colorado

Major: Kinesiology


Favorite Chi O Memory: Bid Day this year when I got to welcome home all of the incredible new girls- including my sister!!

Superlative: Most Likely to Run a Marathon for "Fun"


Best Piece of Advice: Don't put your worth in temporary or unattainable things. Instead, define yourself by the things that bring you the most joy and will still be relevant in your life 20 years from now.

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2022 Cardinal Cabinet

CC 2022 8x11.jpg

Campus Activities


Sara Neal Secrest, Campus Activities


Major: Neuroscience 

Minor: Spanish & Psychology 


Sarah Pate, Senior Week


Major: Accounting 


Nicole Steely, Senior Week


Major: Child Development


Brooke Wong, ADPR


Major: Graphic Design


Olivia Ernst, Greek Relations


Major: Business


Kiki Honrubia, Greek Relations


Major: Speech Pathology 


Rosemary Newsome, Intramurals 


Major: Pre-Major


Hannah Stein, Homecoming


Major: Early Childhood Education


Sara Babineaux, Homecoming


Major: Political Science & Philosophy 

Minor: Business



Career and Personal Development


Emily Knuth, C & P Development 


Major: Accounting & Finance 


Emily Gillespie, Assistant GNV


Major: Finance

Minor: Spanish


Kamryn Schropp, Assistant Panhellenic


Major: Business


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